How to Choose the Right Window Treatment Designer

Custom windows treatments can be expensive, so if you’re looking for a cheap fix to cover a window, head down to Bed, Bath & Beyond or a department store and see if you can find something you can put up quickly and easily.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes departmetn store window treatmetns are just what you need. Your mother-in-law calls and announces she’s coming to stay next week and you have a sheet pinned to the frame in the guest room! What?

There’s definitely no time to get custom made products, so proceed directly to the nearest Home Depot. They can cut down a basic faux wood blind in 10 minutes and you can buy a basic set of grommeted stationary drapery panels to hang on a telescoping curtain pole. For a couple of hundred dollars, you now have a room fit for a queen, or for that matter, a Mother-In-Law. 

However, if you’re looking for a quality product, with high style and perfect fit, to make your guests' mouths fall open in awe and foam with jealousy, then you probably want to hire a window coverings expert. Designers don’t just come with endless samples books filled with jaw dropping gorgeous fabrics, but they also offer you honest advice on what will and won’t work for your windows.

They’ll consider how you use your room, privacy and light control needs and other factors such a children and pets. They’ll educate you on child safety, brands, warranties, shade and blind operation and offer motorized options for the right situations. In short, they should give you expert advice based on your specific needs to wow your guests, make your space pop with elegant sophistication and make you feel like you never want to leave that room… ever again! 

Whatever you do, don’t assume that all designers are window treatment experts. Some specialize in beautiful kitchens and baths, but go white as a sheet at the thought of estimating yardage and figuring pattern repeats.

Be sure to ask your prospective window coverings designer these questions. Do a little research online on brands and styles you like the look of, and make sure they can show those to you and more. To help your Designer understand the look you desire, gather some photos or pin to a Pinterest board, to share at the initial consultation or email beforehand.

A good designer should have a website, outlining their offerings and process so that you know what to expect. Look on Houzz to read their online reviews to discover their average consumer rating, and what past clients have to report about working with them.  A good Designer should be able to give you put you in touch with past clients you can call, and even visit if they want to see examples of their work.

Remember, quality window coverings can be expensive, so do your research before you hand over your hard earned money and sign a contract.  

Above all, choose a designer you feel fits your personality and understands your style. A good designer will suggest ideas that expand your horizons of what’s possible to achieve, but will never push you in a direction you’re totally uncomfortable with.

Be honest about any color and pattern hesitations and establish a budget you’re comfortable with. Good designers will always work within these guidelines if they can, and be honest and upfront from the beginning if they cannot. They should be able to tell you if your deadlines are realistic if you’re decorating for an event; wedding, graduation etc, or to fit around other contractors. 

Be sure to have fun with the designing process and trust in the knowledge that your designer has dressed hundreds of ‘naked windows’ just like yours, and your room will feel beautiful, complete and expertly designed at the end of the project. 


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